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KSDT CPA is an Inside Public Accounting Top 200 accounting firm, and one of South Florida’s largest and fastest growing accounting firms. It has been named a Gulf Coast Regional Leader by Accounting Today and a ‘Top Tax and Accounting Firm’ by USA Today for 2024. The firm prides itself on its people-first culture, which has earned it recognition as a “Best Place to Work” by the South Florida Business Journal.

Below is the story of us, the what, why and how?

Simple. We exist to help business owners achieve their financial goals, freeing them to focus on running their business, serving their clients and helping their employees live better.

Life is already hard enough without the extra burden of costly financial mistakes that can ruin your business. If your car breaks you see a mechanic, if you’re sick a doctor so why would you risk your business without experts in your corner.

We Invest in people first. As a modern firm we understand the client experience and focus on hiring the best talent who can communicate and build trusting relationships. We combine this with the latest technology to ensure that your services are cost effective, efficient, and secure.